Lotex Auto Industries

Lotex Auto Industries An ISO 9001 2000 Certified unit established in the 1990, by S. Darshan Singh Lotey, A well known technical personality from renowned Lotey Group of Ludhiana. Scaling new heightens in automobile industry. now it is one of the leading manufactures of automobile components in India Besides manufacturing a wide range of F. Bull Guards, Side Foot Rests, Side Bars, Rear Guards, Roof Carriers for all Indian Suv's & Muv's for replacement, Ours Company is one of the leading suppliers to automobile manufactures i.e international cars & Moters Ltd. [A car & tractor manufacture co. in India.] Our unit spread over 22,500 sq feet area in the Heart & Manchester of Punjab, India, A hardworking team of 100 technicians & employees under the guidance of S. Darshan Singh Lotey CEO. who has a 40 years experience of manufacturing Line. Our each & every product for any type of vehicle give a new look & durability to the vehicle as customers satisfaction & durability is the main motto of our concern.
Company's Motto
For the year to come an all out efforts for highest standards of quality & Customer's satisfaction with reliable service.

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Our Products
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